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Beastly Kingdom (The Bliss Wars, book 2) - signed paperback

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To save my sister, I’ll marry a beast

In order to stop a catastrophic prophecy, rulers from two warring shifter clans propose an alliance: the new Nimali king will marry the daughter of a Fai leader. But with the chosen bride still traumatized by her time in captivity, her sister Xipporah secretly takes her place.

Seeking vengeance against her enemy, she agrees to sabotage the Nimali from within. And while the handsome young king may claim he wants change, she knows better than to believe a beast.

To save my kingdom, I’ll marry the woman who tried to kill me

King Shad doesn’t expect his future bride to be the very same woman who tried to murder him days earlier. He’ll need to keep his enemy close—the woman is undoubtedly a spy. But with an unexpected connection crackling between them, keeping her with him might be just what he needs.

Treachery lies around every corner, and with opponents poised to steal the throne, the last thing he needs is to fall for a Fai woman who will only betray him in the end.

Locked in a generations-old conflict, falling for each other would be disastrous. But with their hearts—and the future of their clans—on the line, they must make the heartbreaking choice between love and loyalty.

Beastly Kingdom is a dystopian, enemies-to-lovers, shifter romance with intriguing worldbuilding and thrilling action.