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The Complete Earthsinger Chronicles Novellas - signed paperback

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A reluctant queen. A sheltered teen. A dangerous mage.

Their futures are intertwined—the paths they walk will ultimately determine the fate of their people. Seeds sown in the past will bear unexpected fruit, and what’s come before could be the prologue to salvation. Delve deeper into the world of the Earthsinger Chronicles with these prequel novellas full of magic, adventure, destiny, and love.

Included in this bundle are Breath of Dust & Dawn, Hush of Storm & Sorrow, Coda of Storm & Sorrow, and Echoes of Ash & Tears.

Echoes of Ash & Tears (Earthsinger Chronicles 3.5)


Song of Blood & Stone - signed paperback


Whispers of Shadow & Flame - signed paperback


Requiem of Silence - signed paperback


Hush of Storm & Sorrow (Earthsinger Chronicles 2.5)


Breath of Dust & Dawn (Earthsinger Chronicles 1.5)


The Cupid Guild - The Complete Series - signed paperback


Savage City - signed paperback


Cry of Metal & Bone - signed paperback


The Complete Earthsinger Chronicles Novellas - ebook